How to Stain Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

scraping hardwood floor

According to some hand scraped hardwood flooring manufacturers, the wooden flooring under this variety is prevalent in the field of antiques. The scraping procedures used for the shaped floorboards can leave imperfections and grooves. In turn, this can lead to the creation of a casual and homey atmosphere. The ambiance that this type of flooring can create can help make a nice and cozy atmosphere for settings such as coffee houses, bars, and living rooms.

Because of the characteristics of the flooring, hand scraped hardwood flooring manufacturers state that the stain can accumulate in the grooves and the pits. In turn, this can make the flooring hue uneven and unsightly. To help you prevent this aesthetic problem from occurring, you may resort to staining. Aside from helping you obtain the old fashioned feel for the entire room, this can help you create character and depth for the room where the flooring is in.

Tools and Materials:

For the staining project, hand scraped hardwood flooring manufacturers recommend that you prepare some tools and materials. You need to obtain all of them before you start off with staining as you will benefit from improved efficiency throughout the task. Also, this can help you perform the task safely because you will less likely stumble on random tools and materials that may be scattered on the working area.

These are just some of the tools and materials that you will need for the floor staining:

  • Buffing pad
  • Buffing machine
  • Lamb’s wool applicator
  • Polyurethane finish
  • Paint stirrer
  • Penetrating oil stain
  • Tack rag
  • Turpentine
  • Hardwood vacuum cleaner and brush attachment

Surface Preparation:

handscraped hardwood flooringFirst, you have to clean the entire surface using the vacuum cleaner and the brush attachment. This combination will help you pick up the dirt and the dust. Next, you have to wipe the floor using a rag. Hand scraped hardwood flooring manufacturers advise that the rag should be dampened using turpentine. The turpentine will help you pick up the remaining dirt that the vacuum cleaner and the brush cannot pick up. You may also need to wipe down the windows, doors, and walls in the room. This can help you get rid of the dirt and debris that can stick to the floor if it falls off during the floor staining task.

Assessment and Trial:

To ensure that the wood stain will have an even tone, hand scraped hardwood flooring manufacturers advise you to thoroughly stir the stain using the paint stirrer. You have to select a wood stain specifically designed for the type of wood that you currently have for the flooring. Before you apply the stain on the entire surface, you need to test this first on a small area. The area should be inconspicuous. This is important because this can tell you if the stain indeed matches the flooring surface.

For the trial, you need to try out the stain using a rag. To ensure an even application, apply the stain parallel to the direction of the wood grain. If you think the shade of the stain appears too dark, you have to add some turpentine. The turpentine will help lighten the shade of the stain. On the other hand, if the stain appears too light, you have to select another type of stain. You may also opt to apply at least two coatings. This can somehow help you achieve a darker tone of the surface of the floor.


Like how it should be done in the stain application trial, hand scraped hardwood flooring manufacturers stress that you have to cover the entire surface using the shade of the stain that you prefer. You also have to use a cloth to wipe the stain along the grain of the floor. Let the stain dry for at least 15 minutes before applying another layer of stain.